I am sick and tired of being told I do not have a culture because I am white.

I am sick and tired of being told my life is easy because I am white, and all the traumas I have been through do not matter because of my skin colour.

I am sick and tired of being…

What that person was trying to explain is the color of your skin has no correlation to your struggles with self harm, poverty, or mental illness. The unfortunate events in your life aren’t directly related to being white and the right people aren’t saying they don’t matter because you’re white and if you’re white you couldn’t possibly have been bullied for paleness or been unable to eat, right?
Reverse racism is less important of an issue as actual racism. Honestly, white people deserve the mistrust we get from people of color. We fucking suck and while I have done nothing personally to POC I’m not going to say I’m a victim. Which is basically what you’re claiming. A victim who should be as important as a person of color who has been discriminated against, violently removed from their homes, picked out by cops, and deals with judgement nonstop from all walks of life for what a couple hundred white guys decided centuries ago.
You’re heritage and story, while important, are not threatened nationally or worldwide. You receive privileges POC may never know and you probably don’t even realize it. I never realized it. But there’s always room for opinions to change so hopefully yours does one day so we can have more people willing to own up to their privilege and learn more about what it ACTUALLY means to be a victim of racism.

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it’s cool to have your own opinion, and i respect that shit man.

i think it’s awesome, and i agree that racism does exist and i wish to fight against.

but there’s no need to be an asshole to me because of my opinion.

just respect each other and everyone’s opinions.

Yeah, I’m not going to deal with the crap people have decided to give to me for that post, which is my opinion on my blog. I am not going to reply to every message telling me I am just white trash and that I do not matter in this world. One person even thought it was nice to actually tell me to kill myself. Good idea, tell a suicidal person to kill themselves. Wonderful human you are.

I’m not going to reply to messages on the post/messages in my ask box.

Telling me I deserve all the shit that has happened to me, calling me harsh names, telling me to get over it, telling me I only self-harm for attention. I’m having a panic attack just writing this.

Just please stop. I am allowed to have my own opinion.

And please never go and tell someone who is in recovery for self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies to kill themselves. Please don’t.